One more time: Is college worth the cost?

We've seen a flood of discussion lately on whether a college degree is "worth it" in the end.  Add this one to the list.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center says most Americans think a college education isn't worth the expense.

Before you keep reading ...

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57% say that college students receive only a fair (42%) or poor (15%) return for the money they and their families spend on their education. Just 5% of the public says college students receive excellent value for their money, and 35% say colleges provide good value. There is little difference in the evaluation of a college education between adults who did and did not attend college.

The survey shows college presidents feel differently.

College presidents, however, are far more generous in their evaluation of higher education. Fully three-fourths of college presidents say students receive an excellent (17%) or good (59%) value for the money they spend on an education.

Here at On Campus we've talked about the gap between what college presidents and the public believe when it comes to the value of higher education.

Head over to the New York Times Economix blog to get the counter argument, "Why College Brings a Huge Return".