How U of M golf coaches discussed lesbian candidates sexuality

University of Minnesota tennis player Michele Edlin describes in court a conversation she says she and another student had with swing instructor Ernie Rose about the sexual orientation of Kathryn Brenny -- the U's former assistant golf coach -- who is lesbian and is suing the U and its former golf director, claiming they discriminated against her because of it:

"Ernie questioned us, like, 'Oh, do you think she is?' And I said, 'Maybe. I can't really tell.' And then that's when Ernie said, 'Well, I talked to (golf director) John (Harris) about that, and he said if she is, then she is not staying with the girls in the same condo.' I just know it was kind of awkward, and Teresa and I both looked at each other thinking, like, we should not have heard that."

She also testified that Rose told her about a conversation he'd had with Harris over which job candidate to choose:

"John asked me who should I hire, the 50-year-old lesbian with kids or the one who is 30 and fit?"

Rose has denied making those statements, the U's attorney told the Pioneer Press.

Read the paper's full account here.


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