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University of Minnesota demolishes Wesbrook Hall

Wesbrook Hall is now little more than a pile of bricks.

This week two excavators tore down the building that stood in the heart of the U of M's campus for more than a century.

The demolition is part of the U's effort to get rid of several aging buildings it considers obsolete.

The loss of this building is a blow to preservationists, who thought it should be renovated and reused.

U of M officials said Wesbrook would cost too much to renovate.  And they claim it crowds nearby Northrop Auditorium, which is currently undergoing an $80 million renovation.

Expect more scenes like this at the U of M.  There are several buildings slated for demolition on the U's Minneapolis and St. Paul campus in the coming weeks and months.

(Update: Click here for some more photos from the Facebook page of the College of Liberal Arts. Thanks to KellyO for the tip. And below is a video on Westbrook memories, submitted by Greg.)

MPR Photo/Tim Post

Wesbrook Hall before ... and after