How is your mood when classes start?

I was expecting today's MPR Question of the Day, In your family, is the start of the school year a cause for happiness, or dread? to be a K-12 affair, but it has already generated a few responses from folks involved with college.

Parent Dana Ludwig sounds less than enthusiastic:

This year poses a mixed bag for us. Our 18 yr old is leaving home in a week to attend Macalester College. Although exciting for him, his father, younger brother and I are having a hard time.

It's not just parents. Jon Bohlinger writes:

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My wife and I are both graduate students at the U, so the start of the school year is really bittersweet because even though we love what we do, the school year means that we get to see quite a bit less of each other.

However, one parent, Kathy, seems stoked:

It's a time of excitement, especially this year. We have one child starting college and the other starting 3rd grade, so we have the best of both worlds!

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