Art Hounds: August: Osage County, Peace Mass, and a short, funny play about 9/11

The hounds dig up a play about a devastatingly dysfunctional family, a Winona/global performance of a mass written in response to the Sept. 11th terror attacks, and a drama about 9/11 that might make you laugh.

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Ten years ago, a play about 9/11 with strong comedic elements would have been unthinkable. But actor and "Comedy Suitcase" co-founder Levi Weinhagen thinks enough time has elapsed to find a healing humor in the tragedy. Levi, who's also social media manager for "Minnesota Playlist," recommends Workhaus Collective's "A Short Play About 9/11." It follows three disparate characters, including a comedian, who in the wake of the attacks, struggle to resume their normal lives. It opens on Friday and runs through Sept. 24.

Last April, as Winona State University arts administrator Kathy Peterson recalls, her community was deeply moved by a performance of Karl Jenkins' "The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace," by the Winona Oratorio Chorus. There will be a reprise of the 9/11-inspired work this Sunday, Sept. 11th, at Central Lutheran Church in Winona. The concert is part of "Global Sing for Peace," in which Jenkin's Mass will be performed in communities around the world.

Patrick Dewane agrees the nasty behavior of the troubled family at the center of the Pulitzer Prize winning play "August: Osage County," may hit close to home for many audience members. But the Twin Cities actor and writer is willing to put up with the discomfort to get to the laughs. It opens on Friday and runs through October 2.

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