The Dinner Party Download featuring Gus Van Sant

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Gus Van Sant
Filmmaker Gus Van Sant.
Courtesy of Scott Green

Icebreaker: Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye, the kid star of '80s sitcom "Punky Brewster," now jokes about her *own* kids. Soleil just came out with the memoir/advice book Happy Chaos.

Small Talk: Reyhan Harmanci

Reyhan Harmanci, culture editor at the San Francisco Bay Citizen, tells us there's a clear(ish) solution to SF's public restroom problems.

A History Lesson With Booze: The Real Uncle Sam & "The Government Lunch"

This week back in 1813, prosperous meatpacker (and army supplier) Samuel Wilson of Troy, NY became known as "Uncle Sam" - a moniker that spread to cartoonish proportions and came to represent the U.S. government at large. Now, the real Uncle Sam WANTS YOU to drink a "Government Lunch" cocktail, courtesy of Troy pub The Ruck.

Guest of Honor: Gus Van Sant

Director Gus Van Sant got Oscar nominations for directing studio dramas like "Milk" and "Good Will Hunting." But he's also been lauded for his long parallel career crafting indie films about young people on the margins. The latest example being "Restless" (opening September 16), about a couple of star-crossed young lovers in the Pacific Northwest. Gus talks to Rico about teens in space, spontaneity on set, and the silent treatment.

To hear much more from Gus - and a chat with the Erin McKenna, the Queen of "Gluten-Free" baking - go to

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