How much do low-income students pay at Minnesota's private colleges?

Recently came across this chart by the Minnesota Private College Council, which looks to counter the notion that private colleges are too expensive for low-income students.

It says they pay significantly less than the average student: $14,350 on average (for those families earning less than $30,000), compared to $23,500 for the average student who attended in 2009-10.

The amount is lower because those students receive State Grant awards, Pell Grants, institutional grants and scholarships.

That is, of course, true across all types of educational institutions.

The council states:

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In Minnesota, low-income students may pay higher net tuition at nonprofit colleges than at public institutions, but their chances of graduating in four years and starting their career are much higher.

The 4-year  graduation rate for students, according to its numbers:

  • 65 percent at Council schools

  • 40 percent at the University of Minnesota

  • 21 percent for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system students

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