Notes in the Margins: Rich kids, hydration stations and residential colleges

More public universities turn dorms into residential colleges This fall, Virginia Tech opened its first residential college, a place where undergraduates of all ages live with graduate students and faculty members in a facility designed to foster learning, late-night discussions and chance encounters. (The Washington Post)

More college officials learn about applicants from Facebook The number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the past year. (USA Today)

Cost of a college education not paying off for many graduates As tuition costs rise, and students take on more debt, some are asking “Is four-year college still worth it?” (The Miami Herald via NAICU)

Colleges Increasingly Look for Applicants Who Can Pay Full Price A survey recounts the priorities and strategies of college admissions officers, including a heightened interest in recruiting students who are not in need of financial aid and can pay full tuition. (The New York Times)

Hydration stations sweep colleges to promote tap water Hundreds of colleges have installed "hydration" stations so students refill water bottles. Some ban bottled water sales. (USA Today)

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