Notes in the Margins: Students abroad, online ed and affirmative action for men

Get out your net-price calculator Many college administrators, college-bound students, and media observers are beginning to realize that 2011 marks a major change in the college cost information available to those deciding which school to choose. The full ramifications of the availability of the new planning tool are just beginning to become clear. (The Washington Post)

The University Is a Black Hole: The Crisis of Data in College Admissions Why isn't there a Consumer Reports, Zillow, or Kelley Blue Book for America's colleges? (The Atlantic via University Business)

American students abroad pushed out of 'bubbles' Educators are thrilled to see more American college students venturing abroad -- perhaps 300,000 this year alone. (USA Today)

Why You Should Root for College to Go Online If tuition costs slow their fierce rise, it will be because we figure out how to take some elements of college and put them online. How's that going? Slowly. Very slowly. (The Atlantic via University Business)

Men far more likely to benefit from affirmative action in college admissions What's behind the aggressive push for male students is the decades-long trend of more women on campus. Women have comprised a majority of students in higher education since 1979. And that trend is accelerating.  (CBS News via University Business) 

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