Notes in the Margins: Flash mobs, the Common App and the Net Price Calculator

Immersion Trips’ aim to pop college comfort bubbles – at home and abroad Student participation in study abroad programs has grown steadily over the past 25 years and so have educators’ worries over students not immersing themselves in their new environments. Enter: The Immersion Trip – an experience aimed at getting students outside of their comfort zone and into the often harsh realities of impoverished communities, both domestic and abroad. (USA Today)

Don’t bank on the net-price calculator What I worry about is that parents type in their data, get an answer (of sorts) and think that they can take it to the bank. Worse still, they’ll make decisions based on the estimated data, and that would be a shame. (The Washington Post)

Common Application Goes Mobile With New Site New capabilities allow students to work from their smartphones, but should they? (U.S. News & World Report)

College Flash Mobs Become Pep Rallies Made for YouTube Colleges across the country are welcoming students with seemingly spontaneous outbursts of dancing. (The New York Times)

Illegal students face obstacles even after college When Rhode Island became the 13th state to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants at public colleges, supporters heralded the move as one that would give students the kind of advanced education they need to succeed in the workforce. (The Boston Globe)

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