Notes in the Margins: Nader, career planning and occupying colleges

Average Salary Up for Class of 2011 The average salary offer for the most recent crop of graduates was up 6% compared to salaries offered to 2010 graduates, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. For those earning bachelors degrees, salary offers rose to $51,171 from $48,288 in 2010. (The Wall Street Journal)

Ralph Nader: College athletics dumbing down society Major universities such as the University of California, Berkeley should eliminate athletic scholarships or risk losing their academic luster, consumer advocate Ralph Nader told a standing-room-only crowd at the university. (Contra Costa Times via Boston Herald)

‘Occupy Colleges’ movement urges students to walk out of class For 19 days now, the group “Occupy Wall Street” has gathered in Manhattan’s Financial District to protest corporate greed and corruption. It calls itself a leaderless resistance movement that was modeled after the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt and is gaining numbers through social media. On Wednesday, college students were encouraged to join. (The Washington Post)

India’s students will be the first to get world’s smallest computer India has introduced a new tablet computer that is the world’s smallest and least expensive — costing $35. The computer’s developer is is selling the Aakash, or “sky,” to the Indian government for about $45, and in turn the government will sell it to students for about $35. (The Washington Post)

Bringing Career Planning into Liberal Arts Classrooms Life after college has gotten harder in the recession's wake, and colleges are not doing enough to prepare students for an anxiety-inducing job market. (The Huffington Post)

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