My arrival and breakfast at Inver Hills Community College

When I drive onto the Inver Hills Collegecampus this morning, I find it’s quite different from the other two community colleges I’ve visited so far.

Unlike Saint Paul College and South Central, which have essentially one main building where most things take place, Inver Hills is much more spread out.

I have to drive past two to three parking lots before I find mine, though parking is no problem – especially at 7:30 in the morning. I can hear the hum of traffic coming from the highway behind the campus.

Breakfast is in the Fresh Stop Café, a small sandwich-and-grill place attached to the cafeteria. I order the sausage-egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwich and a bottle of OJ, which totals about $5. Inver Hills has no culinary program, but the sandwich, while not made from scratch, is at least fried in front of me on the grill. Nice touch.

The cafeteria almost empty at this hour, though a few students study and a couple of guys are getting in a pre-class session of video-gaming.

It's spare like many dining halls, but it has a nice feel to it -- high ceiling, tall windows and some flags decorating the walls. And you can see students walk by outside on their way to class.

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