Notes in the Margins: Gay students, college locations and profs in dorms

Elite liberal arts colleges question financial models If you glanced at Smith College's "Futures Initiative," you might think the college was in serious financial trouble. (USA Today)

At Some Colleges, Professors Live in Dorms, Too Though university websites trumpet faculty embedded in dorms, some students are wary. (U.S. News & World Report)

Most colleges not ready to ask about LGBT status Gary Rold didn't necessarily consider himself a pioneer when he decided that Elmhurst College would begin asking applicants about their sexual orientation. (The Boston Globe)

For Colleges, Location Matters Location can be problematic for colleges in struggling small towns and declining manufacturing cities. It's sometimes difficult for them to attract prospective students and faculty members, or keep entrepreneurial young alumni around to build new businesses. (The Huffington Post)

College sticker shock: Is $55,000 the new $50,000? Nineteen colleges now charge $55,000 or more in annual tuition, fees and living expenses, according to the latest survey of most expensive colleges from CampusGrotto. Back in 2007, by contrast, $50,000 was the upper limit of college sticker price and only one university had reached it. (The Washington Post)

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