Why are people looking for Abe Lincoln in MSU-Mankato's Memorial Library?

The folks at the Memorial Library at Minnesota State University - Mankato have a goofy contest surrounding the university's recent acquisition of an Abe Lincoln bust.

Library staffers hide the bust in a different part of the library once a week and then post clues every Monday. Those who find Abe are supposed to take "creative" photos of themselves with the statue, and post them on the library's Facebook site.

Here's this week's clue:

I’m visiting my buddy Ken BurnsIf you want to make a movie of meOr check out a camera to take picturesThis is where I’ll be.

The contest runs through November, and the picture that gets the most Facebook “likes” will be declared the “Where’s Abe?” contest winner on Dec. 9.

(The College of Education is the body that actually received the bust -- but actually has little information about its history. If you know, please contact the university at archives@mnsu.edu.)

Not sure what the connections are between MSU-Mankato, Lincoln, the College of Education and the Memorial Library. But I'll ask.

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