Notes in the Margins: Thanksgiving, free education and the innovation killer

College Tuition is the Innovation-Killer It’s getting to a point where no graduate of a four-year college or graduate degree program can go out on their own and start their business because they have this incredible weight, this Albatross around their neck called student loan debt. (BigThink)

New holiday tradition: Students spending Thanksgiving on campus It makes sense that due to high travel costs, some out-of-state college students have created their own ritual in order to save a little money: Spend Thanksgiving break on campus. (USA Today)

Amid Anger Over Idea of Charging Tuition, an Inquiry Is Urged on Cooper Union’s Finances As Cooper Union officials try to quell the uproar over news that the college may start to charge tuition, some students, alumni, faculty members and college trustees are advocating an inquiry into how the school got into such serious financial trouble. (The New York Times)

Tuition Cut May Spur Price War The president of the University of Charleston said the West Virginia college will cut tuition 22 percent next year to draw students who might otherwise be unable to afford college. He said small colleges like his are also facing increasing competition from private education companies. (CNBC via NAICU) How Students Can Take Charge of Their Education The reality is that school and dropping out are not the only two options. You can hack your education. That means breaking some rules. It may also mean annoying some people. But most important, it means creating options and opportunities for yourself where it seems none exist. (The New York Times via NAICU)

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