Good morning, MCAD. You can wake up now.

Don't expect to see much at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design if you arrive in the "early" morning.

I'm there by 8 a.m. to meet spokesman Rob Davis and student Anthony Warnick.

Talk about quiet. Where are all the students scurrying bleary-eyed to their classes?

Not gonna happen here. The halls are empty , and Warnick says they won't really start filling until 10 or 11.

He explains:

"Most of the students are night owls and will be busy till 3 in the morning. It's definitely different from most schools, and MCAD is different from a lot of schools in that the facilities are open 24 hours a day."

I have traumatic freshman memories of struggling to arrive on time to my 8 a.m. German class at the University of Georgia, so this sounds like student heaven to me.

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