Notes in the Margins: Law schools, STEM and PR for biz schools

What Is College For? Our support for higher education makes sense only if we regard intellectual culture as essential to our society.  Otherwise, we could provide job-training and basic social and moral formation for young adults far more efficiently and cheaply, through, say, a combination of professional and trade schools, and public service programs.  (The New York Times via University Business)

If you don’t want a STEM degree, should you just stay away from college? Either there will be a shift into heavy mathematics related fields, or young people will stop going to college. (USA Today)

Let's Rethink How We Pay for College The higher-ed establishment in Washington spends most of its time trying to protect the status quo on student-aid programs, all the while arguing for more money to help pay higher tuition prices. But if we're headed for an age of at least some austerity in the federal government, then the higher-ed associations are going to need a new playbook. (The Huffington Post)

The Price to Play Its Way If you want a diploma blessed by the A.B.A. — and you don’t have rich parents, a plum scholarship or an in-state public law school with lots of taxpayer support — you are pretty much out of luck. And that is not just a problem for would-be attorneys. The lack of affordable law school options, scholars say, helps explain why so many Americans don’t hire lawyers. (The New York Times)

Why B-Schools Need to Teach PR Recent research shows that business leaders increasingly value public relations. (U.S. News & World Report)

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