Notes in the Margins: Bribes, teen parents and band hazing

Testing Firm Faces Inquiry on Free Trips for Officials New York State’s attorney general is investigating whether the Pearson Foundation, the nonprofit arm of one of the nation’s largest educational publishers, acted improperly to influence state education officials by paying for overseas trips and other perks. (The New York Times)

The consequences of expanding college access in Ireland Could Ireland’s efforts to improve college access for disadvantaged students be resulting in top performers leaving the country? That’s what one leading university president is arguing, reports the Irish Examiner. (Lessons from Abroad)

Hazing culture mars marching bands' glamour For more than two decades, the Florida A&M marching band has been dogged by a persistent culture of hazing. (USA Today)

Teachers Publish Their Own Textbooks Lower publishing costs allow teachers to write their own textbooks. (U.S. News & World Report)

How can colleges help teen moms (and teen dads)? There has been a lot of talk about college graduation and success rates this year, as President Obama aims to dramatically increase the total number of graduates by 2020. Achieving that goal will likely require targeting the types of students who struggle to graduate in less than six years. One such group: Young parents. (The Washington Post)

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