MPR News pictures of the year, April through June

Mother and son
1 Mother and son 
Warming up
2 Warming up 
Playground fun
3 Playground fun 
Sandbagging line
4 Sandbagging line 
Flood aerial - crossroads
5 Flood aerial - crossroads 
Father-daughter dance
6 Father-daughter dance 
In her fathers arms
7 In her fathers arms 
LGBT rally
8 LGBT rally 
Animal chiropractor
9 Animal chiropractor 
U of M graduate school grads
10 U of M graduate school grads 
Dayton salutes
11 Dayton salutes 
Tornado damage
12 Tornado damage 
Tornado damage
13 Tornado damage 
Cooling off
14 Cooling off 
Releasing a warbler
15 Releasing a warbler