Checking in with Monte Bute

Minnesota Public Radio reporters have picked their most memorable stories from the past year, you can see all of them here.

The story I picked was my profile of Monte Bute, a Metropolitan State University professor diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer.  Bute's cancer is in remission, but could make an aggressive return at any time.

Earlier this month Bute sent me this update via email:

"I have been in remission for 10 months. While I appreciate this hiatus, I am also somewhat ambivalent. Remission from terminal cancer is, by definition, a temporary reprieve. I had made my peace with death, when suddenly I was expelled from the land of the dying. It is not easy to return to the land of the living and, once again, play an active role in the human comedy ... But perhaps that is the point: none of us have anything more than a temporary reprieve from our terminal condition."

Before you keep reading ...

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