Terrell Mayes mourned at north Minneapolis vigil

North Minneapolis vigil
People gathered in north Minneapolis Saturday afternoon to mourn vigil for 3-year-old Terrell Mayes Jr. He was shot and killed by a stray bullet in his home Monday.
MPR Photo/Rupa Shenoy

Mothers wept and hugged their children Saturday afternoon as people in north Minneapolis held a vigil for a 3-year-old boy shot earlier this week.

They mourned Terrell Mayes Jr., who was in his home on Monday when a stray bullet struck him in the head. The boy died Tuesday.

Standing in the crowd in front of the Mayes' home, Elnora Moore said she hopes the toddler's death galvanizes the neighborhood.

"This is the first time I've seen the community come out like this and that's because everyone can relate to it," she said. "No matter how old your child is, your child has always been 3 years old. Whether you're a parent or not, you feel this."

Moore said people in north Minneapolis must take responsibility for the crimes that harm children. She urged the person responsible for the child's shooting to come forward. Police haven't made any arrests in the case.