Notes in the Margins: Browbeating, delayed tuition and soft power

Survey: journal editors coerce researchers Journal editors browbeat researchers into citing their journals in studies, a survey suggests, a practice perverting the scholarly record. (USA Today)

Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating a complaint that Harvard rejected an Asian- American candidate for the current freshman class based on race or national origin. The agency is looking into a similar August 2011 allegation against Princeton as part of a review begun in 2008 of that school’s handling of Asian-American candidates. (Bloomberg)

Sway: WikiLeaks, universities and 'soft power' The diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks articulate the importance of the academy in the 'great game' of international politics. (Times Higher Education)

Immigrant Worker Firings Unsettle a College Campus Ever since Pomona College fired 17 undocumented employees in December, some students, faculty and alumni have been accusing the administration and the board of directors of betraying the college’s ideals. Some alumni are now refusing to donate to the college, while some students are considering discouraging prospective freshmen from enrolling. (The New York Times via University Business)

Student proposal: Pay college tuition after graduation Students' tuition would be 5% of their income for 20 years after entering the workforce. (USA Today)

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