Notes in the Margins: Russia, banning parents and 6 a.m. classes

Early to rise, early to learn: Colleges offer 6 a.m. classes For early risers and those with busy schedules, 6 a.m. college classes have become a more-common option. (The Miami Herald via University Business)

Despite more college grads, U.S. workforce needs even more The number of adult Americans who have earned college degrees has been increasing, but not fast enough to keep up with workforce demands. (USA Today)

Admissions 101: Ban parents from final college visits Why mess it up by having all those parents there, asking irrelevant questions, bragging on their kids, taking photos, making incorrect assumptions, embarrassing the admittees and spoiling what should be a fun time full of future possibilities? (The Washington Post)

Students at For-Profit Colleges Earn Less, Study Says Applicants deciding between for-profits and nonprofits should also weigh their loan packages. (U.S. News & World Report)

Russia Moves to Improve Its University Rankings A brain drain from Russia has been funneling its brightest minds to the West, while the nation’s embattled higher education system struggles to find its place in the post-Soviet world. (The New York Times)

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