How is MN coming along in degree attainment?

In Minnesota and nationally, attainment rates must increase more rapidly to reach the Big Goal of 60 percent attainment by 2025. If the current rate of degree production continues, about 55 percent of Minnesota’s adult population — nearly 1.7 million people — will hold a college degree in 2025. To reach 60 percent, Minnesota will need to add more than 140,000 degrees to that total.

-- A Lumina Foundation report on degree attainment within the 50 states. Minnesota showed a slight increase (.7 percentage points to 45.8 percent) in the percentage of the state's working-age population with at least an associate's degree.

You can read the full report here. I've had problems posting it on the blog, but a reader kindly sent me this black-and-white version of Minnesota's section above. Or you can read it in color in the full report. It starts on p. 69 (which may be p. 71 on your PDF browser).

Before you keep reading ...

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