Friday Roundtable: Trayvon Martin, realities of raising black sons

Daily Circuit Friday Roundtable
Daily Circuit illustration

Although all the details in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin remain unclear, the incident has led to many discussions about how young black males are viewed in American society, and what that means for the people who raise them.

In an interview with NPR, author Donna Britt described "the talk" black parents have with their children.

"The talk is what many black parents have with their sons - and daughters, but more, probably more often, their sons," she said. "It's a preparatory explanation and a warning, to let them know what's out there for them. You know, when they shift from the adorableness of childhood into, you know, their early preteen and teen years, where they can perceived as dangerous, as threatening, as things that most of them really aren't."

Britt will join The Daily Circuit Friday Roundtable along with Hazel Park Preparatory Academy Principal Delores Henderson and McNally Smith College of Music's Toki Wright.

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