Is it immoral to have children?

Child in stroller
A child sits in a stroller among shopping bags outside of a Midtown Manhattan department store November 26, 2010 in New York City.
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Asking someone when they will have children seems like an innocent question, but it can be quite loaded. A recent piece in The New Yorker took a philosophical look in "The Case Against Kids."

"When we set the size of our families, we are, each in our own small way, determining how the world of the future will look," Elizabeth Kolbert wrote. "And we're doing this not just for ourselves and our own children; we're doing it for everyone else's children, too."

Economics, career considerations and the greater good can affect a person's or a couple's decision to have kids. Should the concern of world overpopulation change a person's plans for a family?

Laura Carroll, author of "Families of Two," and George Mason University economics professor Bryan Caplan will join The Daily Circuit Monday to discuss the morality of procreation.

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