MnSCU: Average tuition could rise 3.9 percent

This press release just came in from MnSCU:

Proposed Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Budget Aims to Maintain Affordability

Tuition Increase for Full-time Students Held to $171 at State Colleges and $285 at State Universities

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Board of Trustees will consider a proposed fiscal year 2013 budget at its Tuesday, May 15 meeting that holds tuition increases to $171 for full-time undergraduate students at the state colleges and $285 at the state universities.

Under the proposed budget, full-time students at the 24 state colleges would pay average tuition of $4,815 (+3.7 percent) annually and full-time students at the seven state universities average tuition of $6,782 (+4.4 percent).  The proposed average annual full-time tuition increase across all MnSCU colleges and universities is $193 (3.9 percent).

“The proposed budget advances the goals outlined in the Strategic Framework adopted by the Board of Trustees in January,” said MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone.

“Through our ongoing efforts to control costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity, we remain the state’s most affordable post-secondary option.  Our colleges and universities have worked hard to minimize tuition and fee increases, while maintaining an extraordinary educational experience for our students.”

MnSCU colleges and universities have reallocated more than $76 million in 2012-2013 to invest in high priority areas, add teaching and student services positions, start new programs in high-demand fields and balance budgets with only moderate tuition increases.

Need-based financial aid programs (grants and loans) help students pay for their education.  In FY2011 (the most recent data available), 61 percent of students enrolled in state colleges and 64 percent of students enrolled in state universities received some kind of financial aid.  For those students receiving state grants, half of the proposed tuition and fee increase in FY2013 will be offset by an increase in those grants.

State funding per MnSCU student has declined 45 percent (adjusted for inflation) since FY2000.  Over this same period, efficiencies have reduced the inflation-adjusted cost of educating a MnSCU student by 10 percent.

The proposed tuition adjustment for FY2013 maintains MnSCU’s position as the state’s highest value and most affordable higher education option.

Tuition Comparison

                                                            FY2012                        Est. Annual                 FY2013

                                                            Tuition                        Increase                      Tuition

MnSCU Colleges                                 $4,644                         $171                            $4,815

MnSCU State Universities                  $6,497                         $285                            $6,782

University of Minnesota                    $11,650                       $410                            $12,060

Private Four-Year Colleges                $32,349                       $1,466                         $33,815

1 University of Minnesota tuition is for the Twin Cities, College of Liberal Arts, exclusive of fees charged by individual colleges.

2 Private 4-year averages are based on information on tuition & fees reported by the MN Private College Council for member institutions for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years.

The Board of Trustees will consider final action on the proposed FY2013 budget at its June meeting.



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