Campaigning for the votes of single women

Casting votes
In this 2011 file photos, stickers are handed out to St. Paul, Minn. voters.
MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

President Barack Obama attempted to make a strong appeal to women voters during a campaign swing in Colorado last week, where GOP challenger Mitt Romney also campaigned. Single women voters - a fast growing demographic - are especially important in states like Colorado, where the presidential contest is expected to be close.

From The New York Times:

Single women are one of the country's fastest-growing demographic groups -- there are 1.8 million more now than just two years ago. They make up a quarter of the voting-age population nationally, and even more in several swing states, including Nevada.

And though they lean Democratic -- in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, single women favored Mr. Obama over his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, by 29 points -- they are also fickle about casting their ballots, preoccupied with making ends meet and alienated from a political system they say is increasingly deaf to their concerns.

Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women's Forum, and Page Gardner, founder and president of the Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund and The Voter Participation Center (VPC), join the Daily Circuit to discuss this growing group and whether their votes are up for grabs. Nadia Brown, assistant professor of political science and African American studies at Saint Louis University, will also join the discussion.