Street closed for Sabo bridge repair

Bridge cable failure closes light rail tracks
Train tracks for the light rail pass under the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012, as workers attempt to stabilize the bridge after one of its support cable broke loose. Light-rail service was suspended between the 38th Street and Franklin Avenue stations, along with traffic on Hiawatha Avenue between 26th and 28th Streets.
MPR Photo/Alex Kolyer

Minneapolis has closed both directions of Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis between East 26th Street and East 28th Street to complete work on the Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge.

A pair of cables supporting the bridge broke last winter. Workers are now completing the installation of a stronger diaphragm plate, which helps support the bridge's cables.

The city plans to frequently inspect the new plate. If it can withstand vibrations caused by the wind better than the earlier plates, the city will replace all of the bridge's 18 plates.

The Sabo bridge will reopen to bikers and pedestrians early Friday morning.

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