MPR News photos of the week

The Best Steak House owner
1 The Best Steak House owner 
Sorting apples
2 Sorting apples 
A damaged apple
3 A damaged apple 
Bald Eagle
4 Bald Eagle 
Laura Freeman
5 Laura Freeman 
Alt-J performs in The Current studio.
6 Alt-J 
Temporary memorial
7 Temporary memorial 
Three religious leaders
8 Three religious leaders 
Lieutenant governor skydives
9 Lieutenant governor skydives 
Logging truck
10 Logging truck 
Truck, parked cars
11 Truck, parked cars 
Playing by the Mississippi River
12 Playing by the Mississippi River 
Rehearsal singing
13 Rehearsal singing 
Checking makeup
14 Checking makeup 
Bryn Mawr shooting
15 Bryn Mawr shooting 
Officers on Penn Ave. bridge
16 Officers on Penn Ave. bridge