Photos: A perfect day in Grand Marais, Minn.

Pincushion Mountain Overlook
1 Pincushion Mountain Overlook 
Cub in the park
2 Cub in the park 
Crooked Spoon Cafe
3 Crooked Spoon Cafe 
Joynes Ben Franklin
4 Joynes Ben Franklin 
Grand Marais lighthouse
5 Grand Marais lighthouse 
Dining room
6 Dining room 
Fresh fish salad
7 Fresh fish salad 
Angry Trout window
8 Angry Trout window 
Neil Sherman
9 Neil Sherman 
Artists' Point
10 Artists' Point 
World's Best Donuts
11 World's Best Donuts 
Doughnuts for sale
12 Doughnuts for sale 
Betsy Bowen Studio
13 Betsy Bowen Studio 
Betsy Bowen prints
14 Betsy Bowen prints