League of Women Voters president on group's opposition to voter ID amendment

Elisabeth MacNamara
Elisabeth MacNamara, photographed at the MPR studios on Oct. 16, 2012, is national president of the League of Women Voters.
MPR Photo/Tom Weber

With three weeks left to go before the election, groups in Minnesota are ramping up their efforts related to the two proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot.

One amendment is the voter ID proposal, which would ask voters if they want to put a requirement into the state's constitution that voters present a photo ID before casting a ballot. The League of Women Voters is opposing that effort and that group's national president, Elisabeth MacNamara, was in town this week.

MacNamara is a retired assistant district attorney from Georgia. She now does the League of Women Voters gig full time.

The fact that her group is so involved with the voter ID issue is part and parcel to the group's history, which started more than 90 years ago as a group aiming to help women gain the ability to vote, she said.

Later today, we'll speak with amendment supporter Dan McGrath from the group Minnesota Majority. We'll air that interview in coming days on the Daily Circuit.

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