MPR Photos of the Year

Large crowds
1 Large crowds 
Visible Heart Lab
2 Visible Heart Lab 
Ice Hole bar
3 Ice Hole bar 
Jane Belau
4 Jane Belau 
Using area pool
5 Using area pool 
Michelle Obama visit
6 Michelle Obama visit 
Rally against Health and Human Services mandate
7 Rally against Health and Human Services mandate 
Taking a break
8 Taking a break 
Spring blooms at the Lake Harriet Peace Garden
9 Spring blooms at the Lake Harriet Peace Garden 
Marriage rally
10 Marriage rally 
Downtown Clinton
11 Downtown Clinton 
Twins home opener
12 Twins home opener 
Different oatmeals
13 Different oatmeals 
Joking around
14 Joking around 
Hugging father
15 Hugging father 
16 Rosary 
Vikings fan
17 Vikings fan 
American white pelican
18 American white pelican 
Pit of mud
19 Pit of mud 
Jens-Henrik Selin
20 Jens-Henrik Selin 
Lights in the darkness
21 Lights in the darkness 
22 Sinkhole 
Surveying damage
23 Surveying damage 
Working with PT
24 Working with PT 
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
25 Chief Arvol Looking Horse 
Joe Biden
26 Joe Biden 
Sitting with swine
27 Sitting with swine 
Examining June
28 Examining June 
Checking makeup
29 Checking makeup 
Home death care
30 Home death care 
Sen. Tom Harkin
31 Sen. Tom Harkin 
Rybak crowd surfs
32 Rybak crowd surfs 
Marriage amendment defeated
33 Marriage amendment defeated 
Republican Party headquarters
34 Republican Party headquarters 
Waiting while dad votes
35 Waiting while dad votes 
Joe Edminster inspects
36 Joe Edminster inspects 
Dakota War anniversary event
37 Dakota War anniversary event 
Officers walk
38 Officers walk