Notes in the Margins: Spending, skin color and Obama's scorecard

'Un-Fair' Campaign Defended By University Of Wisconsin-Superior Conservative blogs have been criticizingwhat they call "racially charged"advertisements that show Caucasian people with statements like "is white skin really a fair skin?” written on their faces. (The Huffington Post)

What Colleges Spend, and What They Charge For poor students, basically, the less selective the college, the more they pay, and the less the school provides. (Washington Monthly)

Sal Kahn on his famous online academy Clearly Khan has become the vessel for many reformers’ hopes and dreams about how to educate the masses. How Khan sees himself and his academy — which had, its website says, delivered lessons to 239,373,163 students when I last looked on Tuesday — is a more complicated matter. (The Washington Post)

Financial aid caught in congressional crossfire President Barack Obama on Tuesday asked Congress for more time before across-the-board spending cuts kick in. If granted, that could lead to even more confusion for parents waiting to find out how much financial aid their college-bound kids will receive. (The Wall Street Journal via NAICU) College President Raises Concerns About Obama’s College Scorecard Catharine Hill, the president of Vassar College, says that including data on what college graduates earn could be "misleading." (The New York Times)

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