Notes in the Margins: Loans, socioeconomic diversity and the chess arms race

Student Loan Rate Set to Rise, Despite Lack of Support On Tuesday, student advocacy groups are releasing an issue brief charging that the government should not profit from loans, while more and more students bear a crushing debt burden.


 (The New York Times)

A new college-sports arms race emerges: chess There’s a danger in each school spending more money and not getting any better. (The Washington Post)

Jobs report weighs on students’ employment outlook Small gains in employment for college graduates aren't much of a comfort to students entering the job market. (USA Today)

Improving Socioeconomic Diversity at Top Colleges and Universities Getting more low-income students into the applicant pools of our best schools is critical, but it is only part of the solution. Without more resources for financial aid, convincing more low income students to apply will only result in more low-income students being rejected. (The Huffington Post via NAICU)

High-tuition, Not-High-Enough Financial Aid “High-tuition, high-aid” is sort of deceptive. “High-tuition, not high enough aid” would be more accurate. If you’re a low-income student trying to attend college, after all, it doesn’t help you much if your institution characterizes your financial aid as “high”; it either does or does not make college affordable. (Washington Monthly via NAICU)

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