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Macalester prez highest earner among Minnesota private-college presidents

Macalester's Rosenberg is #1.
Macalester's Rosenberg is #1.

As a side note to the recent ranking of public-university presidents, Macalester College President Brian Rosenberg topped the most recent Chronicle of Higher Education ranking of the highest-paid presidents among Minnesota private colleges. (Warning: A subscription may be required.)

Not listed in the snapshot above are Pamela Jolicoeur of Concordia College - Moorhead ($185,763), Sister Andrea J. Lee of St. Catherine University ($28,350) and Brother William Mann of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota ($5,770).

Here's how the Chronicle compares his pay with that of presidents at what it considers "similar" colleges:

First among equals?

Not shown are Marvin Krislov of Oberlin College ($462,058), Thomas W. Ross of Davidson College ($435,437) and Jeffrey Herbst of Colgate University ($282,259).

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