Photos: Thousands gather as Minn. same-sex marriage bill signed into law

Sharing a laugh
1 Sharing a laugh 
Same-sex marriage
2 Same-sex marriage 
Rep. Clark
3 Rep. Clark 
Same-sex marriage
4 Same-sex marriage 
Same-sex marriage
5 Same-sex marriage 
Mark Dayton, Scott Dibble, Karen Clark
6 Mark Dayton, Scott Dibble, Karen Clark 
Same-sex marriage
7 Same-sex marriage 
Crowds cheer marriage bill
8 Crowds cheer marriage bill 
Same-sex marriage
9 Same-sex marriage 
Crowd of thousands
10 Crowd of thousands 
Flying colors
11 Flying colors 
Cheering crowd
12 Cheering crowd 
Friends celebrate
13 Friends celebrate 
Crowd gathers
14 Crowd gathers 
Crowd gathers
15 Crowd gathers 
Same-sex marriage
16 Same-sex marriage 
Cedar St. parade
17 Cedar St. parade 
POS of Doomtree performs at the Love Is The Law
18 POS of Doomtree performs at the Love Is The Law 
Love Is The Law Concert
19 Love Is The Law Concert 
Megan O'Keefe of S. Paul
20 Megan O'Keefe of S. Paul 
Jim Heynen, Sarah Williams
21 Jim Heynen, Sarah Williams 
Holly Hansen
22 Holly Hansen