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Dan Cohen launches Minneapolis mayoral bid

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Dan Cohen. (Image courtesy of Troy Wilson.)

The already-crowded field of candidates running for Minneapolis mayor is getting even bigger. Dan Cohen, who also ran for mayor back in 1969, announced Tuesday he's making a second attempt.

D_Cohen head shot
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Dan Cohen. (Image courtesy of Troy Wilson.)

Cohen is a member of the city's planning and charter commissions. If elected mayor, Cohen says he would push for a downtown casino. He says the proposal would help the environment because people wouldn't have to drive as far to gamble.

"It's a green proposal. It's a way to manage debt and get rid of it. It's a way to create jobs. It's a 'round-the-year' tourist attraction," said Cohen.

Cohen acknowledges the proposal would require a change in state law, and possibly a constitutional amendment.

Cohen was a Republican when he served on the city council in the 1960's, but now considers himself an independent.

So far, 13 mayoral candidates have registered campaigns with Hennepin County, including another recent entrant named Stephanie Woodruff.  Woodruff, who serves on the city's Audit Committee, kicks off her campaign Friday. The field is wide open, after the Minneapolis DFL failed to endorse a candidate for mayor at a party convention over the weekend that lasted more than 12 hours.



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