Dairy farm ordered to stop raw milk sales

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has banned raw milk sales on a central Minnesota farm, after blaming the product for a half dozen illnesses.

The state links at least six campylobacter cases to unpasteurized milk from the Dennis Jaloszynski's dairy farm near Cambridge, Minn.

The bacterial infection causes fever, diarrhea, vomiting and in rare cases, paralysis. But none of the victims were hospitalized.

Jaloszynski has been ordered not to sell any raw milk while state officials investigate. State law permits on-farm sales of the product.

Jaloszynski said he was upset with the decision.

"It was overkill," he said. "In my eyes, yeah."

All food products, including raw milk, carry potential health risks, Jaloszynski said.

State officials say raw milk from the farm should be thrown away. They also say raw milk or products made from it may carry pathogens that can cause anything from a few days of diarrhea to kidney failure and death.

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