Notes in the Margins: Loans, loans and loans

Bipartisan plan in Senate would prevent doubling of student loan interest rate A bipartisan group of senators has announced a proposal to prevent a doubling of the interest rate on certain federal student loans, an increase that would affect 7 million college students in the coming school year. (The Washington Post)

Examine Budget Proposals' Impact on Student Loans The federal budgets proposed by the House and Senate would affect student loans very differently. (U.S. News & World Report)

Debate Club: Should Student Loan Rates Be Allowed to Double at the End of the Month?  Here is the Debate Club's take. (U.S. News & World Report)

Obama administration delivers a nasty surprise to black college students, parents In what United Negro College Fund President Michael Lomax calls "a nasty surprise," the Obama administration has begun denying student loans to disproportionately large numbers of black parents because of blemished credit histories. (The Washington Post via NAICU)

Affordable Care Act offers options for student health insurance  A poll released last week by Kaiser Health News found that 77% of young adults ages 18-25 say it is “very important to them personally to have insurance,” while 65% of those surveyed in the same age range say they are worried about how to pay medical bills for serious illnesses or accidents. (USA Today)

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