Retired violinist Tom Kornacker takes new role at the SPCO

Just days after his name was on the list of 10 Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra veterans who took an early retirement package violinist Tom Kornacker will be returning to the SPCO.

In a letter this morning SPCO President Bruce Coppock announced Kornacker will become Special Assistant to the President, serving in a number of roles, but perhaps most importantly working with the auditioning and mentoring of new members of the orchestra as they come on board. Kornacker is scheduled to speak with State of the Arts tomorrow, but in the meantime here is the full SPCO announcement:

Dear Members of the SPCO Family,

It gives me enormous pleasure to share with you the news that longtime SPCO violinist Tom Kornacker will be joining the staff beginning this week as Special Assistant to the President.  During his storied career as the SPCO's Principal Second Violinist and later Co-Principal Second, Tom distinguished himself both musically and as an organizational leader. Tom has a very multi-faceted view of the SPCO, with an especially strong ability to be forward thinking while concurrently honoring musical and organizational traditions.  As you know, Tom has been thoroughly engaged in the life of the organization during his time with the SPCO, serving on various orchestra and board committees, as a member of the Board and most importantly as a member of the orchestra.  He brings uncommon wisdom and important institutional memory to this position, something from which people throughout the SPCO organization will benefit.   

Tom will work in a variety of capacities, with Musicians, Staff, Board, Governing Members and Friends.  He will work especially hard on an issue of particular importance, assisting in SPCO auditions and the mentoring of new musicians as they come into the orchestra.  Tom will also act as liaison between various SPCO departments and SPCO Musicians for education, marketing, development and public relations. In addition, Tom will assist me on a variety of special projects, the nature of which will evolve over time. 

I know that everyone will join me congratulating Tom and thanking him both for his long playing career and for choosing to join the staff now that he has retired as a player in the orchestra.  

Many thanks,


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