Notes in the Margins: Eastern Europe, free law schools, and overcharging by Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae to Be Accused of Overcharging Military Personnel on Loans The lending corporation said that federal regulators would accuse it of overcharging military personnel for interest on student loans. (The New York Times)

Medical Students Head to Eastern Europe Doctors, dentists and pharmacists with degrees from accredited universities in Eastern Europe may practice almost anywhere within the European Union. (The New York Times)

Millennials living at home struggle to find new norm A new study by the Pew Research Center shows the growing trend of the boomerang generation. (USA Today)

Starting college? Here’s how to graduate with a job As an economics reporter, I feel compelled to say that if you're interested in math or science or engineering or computers, and you have the aptitude for the coursework, then, please, for the love of GDP, give a STEM major a shot. The economy needs more math and science grads to drive the big innovations that will help America prosper. (The Washington Post Magazine via NAICU)

Law schools devise debt-free path to degree Law schools at Georgetown University, New York University, the University of California-Berkeley and other top universities are making promises to some graduates: If they spend 10 years outside the private sector, the law school will make their loan payments for a decade. Then, starting four years from now, a federal program kicks in to forgive the remaining balance, often more than $100,000. (Politico via NAICU)

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