Internet Cat Video Festival photos: The Grandstand was packed

Megan Leschinsky, 7, draws whiskers
1 Megan Leschinsky, 7, draws whiskers 
Cat enthusiasts arrive
2 Cat enthusiasts arrive 
Artist Rudy Fig
3 Artist Rudy Fig 
Cat-print clothing
4 Cat-print clothing 
Painted faces
5 Painted faces 
Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat
6 Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat 
Cat celebrity Lil Bub
7 Cat celebrity Lil Bub 
Cortney Kociemba
8 Cortney Kociemba 
Packed Grandstand for cat videos
9 Packed Grandstand for cat videos 
Butter artist Linda Christensen
10 Butter artist Linda Christensen 
Summitt supports cats
11 Summitt supports cats 
Grumpy Cat (left) and Lil Bub
12 Grumpy Cat (left) and Lil Bub 
Fairgoers pack the Grandstand
13 Fairgoers pack the Grandstand 
Internet cat videos at the Fair
14 Internet cat videos at the Fair