Notes in the Margins: Vodka, cannabis college and a deal for low-earning grads

Adrian College to make student loan payments for low-earning grads Starting with next year’s freshman class — as well as first-year or second-year transfer students — the private Michigan college promises to make up to all of a student’s loan payment if he or she earns less than $20,000 and up to $37,000 annually. (Detroit Free Press via Washington Monthly)

Delaware Seeks to Steer the Poor to Top Colleges The state plans to use application fee waivers and other information to address a pattern that limits social mobility. (The New York Times)

As pot laws shift, Oaksterdam U continues to educate The school is America's first "cannabis college" for pot business, science and politics. (USA Today)

FAQs: Best Colleges Rankings vs. Obama’s Proposed Ratings Since the launch of the 2014 Best Colleges rankings last week, several questions have been raised regarding the U.S. News rankings and President Barack Obama's proposed new college rating system, which would tie federally funded Pell Grants and students loans to college performance. (U.S. News & World Report)

How Vodka, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Rocky IV Explain Private College Pricing Thirteen years ago, Ursinus College in Pennsylvania increased its tuition by nearly 18 percent. The next admissions cycle it received 200 more applications and the student body grew by 35 percent in four years. Similar moves occurred throughout the country with varying degrees of brazenness. (The University of Richmond said raising its price would stop “leaving money on the table” by being cheaper). The message from consumers was clear—price hikes were not scary because greater expense equated with higher quality. But these individuals weren’t discerning customers. (New America Foundation)

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