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Police shoot, kill bull that ran into morning traffic

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By MPR News Staff

Police fatally shot a 1,600 pound bull that got loose in the east metro and ran through morning traffic, authorities said. 

The bull managed to break out of its trailer as it was being transported Tuesday night around 8:00 p.m. near Manning Avenue and Hudson Road, just south of Interstate 94. The animal then ran into a cornfield, according to Michelle Okada, Woodbury public safety spokeswoman. 

Woodbury Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Office worked with the bull's owner to track the animal down overnight. 

But at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday the bull resurfaced, dodging in and out of morning traffic in the same area it escaped on Manning Avenue, Okada said. About an hour later, police shot the bull. Okada said the bull's owner and police considered tranquilizers and other options to stop the bull but it had become a safety hazard.

"At that point it was a very frustrated bull," Okada said.