Notes in the Margins: Twitter presidents, meaningless SAT scores, and study in America

A Nudge to Poorer Students to Aim High on Colleges Seniors with high SAT scores are receiving packets from the College Board encouraging them to apply to top colleges, part of a new outreach effort. (The New York Times)

Six Things a College Recruiter Won't Tell Students Today's college-going students and the people who advise them know even less about college and careers than in my era, and college recruiters who visit schools aren't unbiased about where they want you to go to college. (The Huffington Post)

Why the new SAT scores are meaningless Even David Coleman, president of the College Board, the organization that owns the SAT, has for some time now been bashing his own test and promising that it is going to be substantially rewritten. (The Washington Post)

Studying in America: The college experience Go big or go home. The insider's guide on what to expect from a year studying in the US. (The Independent)

10 college presidents on Twitter who are doing it right Though some of these presidents have a much more prolific social media presence than others, they've all managed to successfully develop a social media approach that makes sense for them. (Education Dive)

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