Notes in the Margins: Early decision, Sallie Mae and college liability

College Admissions: When Early Decision Is the Wrong Decision: Committing early may cause FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). (Time)

College students more sexually educated than 20 years ago Only 17% of college students at a Mid-Atlantic university failed a sexual knowledge test, compared with 55% who failed the test when it was administered nationally by the Kinsey Institute in 1989. (USA Today)

Finding Life After Academia — and Not Feeling Bad About It The past few years have seen a surge in efforts to connect Ph.D.’s with gratifying employment outside the ivory tower, and even to rethink doctoral education itself. (The New York Times)

Should colleges be liable when binge drinking leads to rape? Despite the fact that binge drinking has become the norm on many college campuses over the last two decades, colleges have continued to turn a blind eye to the problem, and have so far faced no major repercussions for doing so. (The Washington Post via NAICU)

Sallie Mae under investigation Feds look into student lending practices. (The News Journal via NAICU)

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