Five ideas for better cities

Minneapolis skyline
Left: The Minneapolis skyline in 1929. (Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society) Right: Downtown Minneapolis photographed from a pedestrian bridge south of the city July 21, 2013. (MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson)
MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson

As residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul went to the polls to elect or reelect city leaders, we talked about ideas that might improve life in the Twin Cities. Here are five suggestions for modern cities, from our callers and guests:

1. More transit. Expand alternatives to make public transportation more widely available and encourage people to live closer to the centers of the cities.

2. Learn to say "yes." It takes too long to get anything done. Cities should become more nimble in adopting new ideas.

3. Look outstate. Learn to see the Twin Cities as connected to other Minnesota cities, especially Duluth. Establish rapid-transit links to make that connection easier.

4. Expand the parks. Build more long, linear parks that extend from the city out into the suburbs.

5. Basics first. Remember to take care of streets, safety, schools and snow.

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