The latest on Minnesota Orchestra negotiations

Final concerts
Conductor Osmo Vanska conducts the first of three final concerts.
Judy Griesedieck for MPR News

A member of the Minnesota Orchestra board and a musician join The Daily Circuit to discuss the breakdown of recent negotiations, the likelihood of Osmo Vanska returning and whether there is an end in sight to the more than yearlong lockout.

More from MPR News' Euan Kerr:

Back-channel talks between two members of the management team and two musicians quickly collapsed after only two meetings.

The bottom line: there is a fundamental disagreement between management and musicians on how to go forward.

Doug Kelley, a member of the management negotiating team for the Minnesota Orchestra, said his side floated the idea of a reconciliation taskforce of board members, management representatives and musicians to discuss a vision for the future of the organization. That didn't go over well.

Even in pairs, neither side was in the mood to surrender fundamental positions.

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