Legacy of lutefisk

1 The basement of the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis, Minn., is packed with fully set tables in anticipation for the annual lutefisk dinner. The church offers a series of seatings -- 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. On November 23, 2013, all three dinners were sold out. 
Fish heads
2 Hans Sandom has been preparing lutefisk at Mindekirken's annual event for 12 years. "The cooking time is tricky," said Sandom. "It can go from solid fish to soup in a matter of seconds." 
White sauce
3 Darlene Nordos stirs a traditional white sauce that's served with the fish. "Don't ever eat cold lutefisk," advised Nordos. "If that's your first encounter, you'll never want to eat it again." 
4 Attendees line up to enter the dining room for Mindekirken's annual lutefisk dinner on November 23, 2013. 
Lutefisk group
5 This group calls itself the Lutefisk Club. Its dozen members attend at least one lutefisk dinner a month between October and March. 
6 Volunteers at Mindekirken's annual lutefisk dinner served 450 pounds of fish to approximately 500 guests on November 23, 2013. 
7 Einar Sandom leans over one of four boiling pots of potatoes. Along with lutefisk, the church served 200 pounds of potatoes and 90 pounds of coleslaw on November 23, 2013. 
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